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Pamela Rosenkranz Purity of Vapors  ::  Total Vitality⌘R

Olafur Eliasson Slow-motion shadow in color  ::  James Cordas Spectrum Shadow Object

Jim Golden Barrette Collection  ::  Tony Cragg New Stones, Newton’s Tones

Oscar Tuazon Untitled  ::  Reed Barrow 1+1 Is You I Dont Know

Andy Goldsworthy Hazel Stick Throw  ::  Hugo Demartini Demonstration in Space I

Hiroshige The Plum Garden in Kameido   ::  Vincent van Gogh Tree of plum blossom (by Hiroshige)

Sean Kennedy Untitled  ::  Stewart Uoo Security Window Grill I

Brad Troemel Counterfeit DIS Magazine Counterfeit ADIDAS Hooded Sweatshirt  ::  DIS Magazine All Day I Dream About Situationists 

Senga Nengudi Untitled  ::  Martin Soto Climent Tight Game

Miguel Zapata  ::  Antoni Tapies